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5 best alternatives to Facebook Messenger for free texting and sending SMS on Android

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Facebook Messenger could be very popular these days. However, there are plenty of choices you can make to replace it. Read out this article to find out some names.

Along with Facebook’s popularity, Facebook Messenger is also a common app that people use to text and send messages from their Android devices.

However, many other apps can do the same thing. Some can even do more and do it better with their unique features.

You might be able to make phone calls, secure your chat history, or restore some data for later use with many texting apps on Android.

Let’s discover 5 names of this list as below.

Pulse SMS


Pulse SMS belongs to a group of unique texting apps on Android.

In general, the app features mostly like any standard SMS app.

But, the difference is that you can use it for texting even on PCs, tablets, or any other devices.

However, it is necessary to note that you need to pay $0.99 per month or a lifetime cost of $10.99 to use this service.

Plus, this one supports dual-sim devices, blacklisting phone numbers, and backup for messages.

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QKSMS is one of the simplest and finest SMS apps on Android. Also, this one is an open source app.

Along with other standard features, the app offers support for Android Wear and some private stuff like a blacklist.

For the most part, QKSMS takes a much less space on your mobile in comparison to other texting apps.

The app is free to go without any ads, but some optional in-app purchases and donations can be made.

Signal Private Messenger

Signal Private Messenger might not feature many differences from Facebook Messenger or others like Hangouts and WhatsApp.

However, this one will give you end-to-end encryption. This function is highly appreciated by those who value good security for their SMS.

Plus, this app also works on a phone number system. It can send a text message to contacts that do not even have the app on their devices.

Furthermore, you can make phone calls and group chats within this app.

The Material Design make it looks good and easy to use as well.

It is that good and goes for free on Android.

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Textra SMS



Textra SMS is among the most serious and the highest rated texting apps for Android.

It features a theme customization option, a dark mode, and flexible notifications.

Nevertheless, you can set time for later sending message or slide to delete the messages you wish.

There are still many more features that the app will offer.

Textra SMS does support Android Wear, Pushbullet, MightyText, and others.

Along with the free version, you can pay $2.99 to get the pro one through a single in-app purchase.

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YAATA SMS is another newer texting app but really worth to have.

Its free edition lets you do the standard stuff as well as make group chat or schedules for sending the later messages. Besides, you will get full support for MMS.

Meanwhile, the pro version allows an SMS blacklist, an auto-response and auto-forwarding function. 

Also, you can backup and restore your settings.

The app owns Material Design as any other app in the same type does.

To sum up

If there were times Facebook Messenger let you down when it cannot perform something as you expected, you can try on these alternatives.

For sure, they will be very helpful as well as powerful in some ways for texting and sending SMS from your Android.


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