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How Elevator Factory can Make Elevators Safe

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The structure of the elevator consists of eight systems. These eight systems usually consist of traction systems, guidance systems, automobiles, door systems, weight balancing systems, electric drive systems, electrical control systems, and safety protection systems. The Elevator Factory(fujihd) installed a series of mounting devices for the elevator.


When the elevator is not running, the car can be stably stopped at the original position without sliding up and down. The transmission mode of the elevator is to use the traction rope to cover the traction wheel, the car is suspended at one end of the traction rope, and the weight is suspended at the other end. When the traction sheave rotates, friction is used to drive the traction rope to bump the car up and down. As long as the traction wheel does not rotate, the car will not move. Another test that the elevator should perform before delivery, that is, when the elevator is running at 110% of the rated load, the brake can also reliably brake the elevator. The brakes ensure the safety of the elevator before the elevator runs, and play an important role in the operation of the elevator and accidents.

Speed ​​limiter - safety device (including safety switch)

When the elevator overspeed reaches a certain value, the speed limiter switches first and the safety circuit is cut off. If the elevator continues to overspeed, the speed limiter will brake the speed limit wire rope. At this point, the safety device is lifted, the guide rail is stuck, and the elevator is forced to stop. The safety clamp switch also acts at the same time.

Roof safety window and safety window switch

There is a safety window that opens outwards at the top of the car. This function provides emergency and maintenance use in the event of an elevator accident. People can withdraw from the window. In addition, when the safety window is opened, the safety window switch provided on the window side can be operated, which can also cut off the control circuit and make the elevator unable to start. In addition, the switch can immediately stop the maintenance or quick operation of the elevator.

Emergency stop switch

The emergency stop switch is divided into: emergency parking in the engine room, emergency parking on the roof, and emergency parking in the pit. These emergency stop switches are used to protect service personnel.

communication device

There are alarm bells and telephones in the car, which are directly connected to the cabin or duty room. When a fault occurs, people can contact the outside world through the car to release the fault as soon as possible, so that the elevator can be put into normal use as soon as possible

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