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Molybdenum factory

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With molybdenum rod for sale, it is one of the most brilliant China molybdenum rod manufacturers, welcome to buy and wholesale mo rod, molybdenum bar and check the price of it with our factory.
Molybdenum  Rod
High melting point, low thermal expansion rate , high heat conductivity ,low vapor pressures ,excellent corrosion resistance,
Suitable for producing ion implantation parts;
Producing for electric light source parts and electric vacuum components;
Be used as refractory parts in high temperature furnaces;
Be used electrodes in field of rare earth metal industry and glass fiber industry.
Sapphire used molybdenum as the seed rod .

(Metallographic image of molybdenum )
Production capacity:
SurfaceDiameter(mm)Tolerance of diameterLength(mm)Tolerance of lengthRoughness(um)
SinteringΦ10~Φ350±1~±2 10~800 ±1~±2Ra≤3.2
ForgedΦ10~Φ350±1~±2 10~3000 ±1~±2Ra≤3.2
LathedΦ10~Φ350±0.01~±0.05 10~3000 ±0.01~±1Ra≤1.6
centerlessΦ10~Φ80±0.01~±0.05 10~3000 ±0.01~±1Ra≤0.8
Chemical Component
MarkMolybdenum contentTotal Impurity contentIndividual element content
Processing Technology;
With 20 years’ experience and thousands of product developments, we perfectly understand the behavior and capabilities of tungsten and it’s alloys.Molybdenum factory
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