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How to Make Foam Bottle

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Liquid and Foam Bottle(KEXON) are easy to use and by far more hygienic than soap bars. They keep the bacteria at bay and prevent skin diseases. However, ready-made bottles can be expensive and bad for the environment. Making your own Foam Bottle is an easy way to save money in minutes.

Buy or recycle an empty bottle with a dispenser pump. Plastic and glass bottles can be acquired cheaply in most supermarket and online. If you want to make a good gesture for the environment or save money, you can clean and recycle an old bottle with dispenser instead of buying a new one.

Choose a sturdy and aesthetically pleasing bottle. Remember that you want to use it for a long period of time.If possible, test a few bottles. Make sure that the pump works well and look for a sturdy bottle which can survive a fall on the floor.

Buy the right bottle of gel soap refill. Washing your hands can damage the skin. If you suffer from hand dryness, irritation, itching or cracks, look for hypoallergenic or scent-free soap.

Examine the label. The most common allergic reactions are caused by the following ingredients: QAC, iodine, iodophors, chlorhexidine, triclosan, chloroxylenol and alcohols.Look for a soap with moisturizer to protect the skin of your hands.

Mix the ingredients. Pour tap water into your empty hand soap bottle until it is one third of the way full and then add the gel soap refill until another third of the space is filled. Shake well to mix the gel and the water until they form a liquid. Tighten the pump back onto the hand soap bottle.

Add the water first. If you don't, the water will make the soap foam up.Do not fill the bottle beyond two thirds of the way. If you do, the bottle will overflow when you screw the cap back on.If the dispenser pump is not springing back to the up position, rub a bit of petroleum jelly on the dispenser stem to get it freely moving again.The mixture must be diluted enough to flow through the pump. If the dispenser is clogged, clean it and add more water to the mixture.

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