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Development Trend Of Trigger Sprayer Packaging In The Future

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The packaging design of Mini Trigger Sprayer(KEXON) needs three parts, which are both protective, functional and decorative. Only the Trinity is the development direction of Sprayer packaging in the future.

The development trend of Sprayer packaging design for the future is introduced.

Preservative Sprayer will occupy a fair market. Because of the manufacturers to meet the needs of customers, the production of preservative - free products. Manufacturers put them in tiny containers, and customers can use them out once, for example, the essence of many brands is to use this packaging. The price of Sprayer is too high to be a mainstream product in the market, but it is a sign of future fashion and luxurious way of life, so there will be a stable consumer group.

The development and design of green packaging materials. Many Sprayer manufacturers have begun to pay attention to environmental protection issues, and also consider environmental protection considerations when choosing cosmetic packaging materials. Considering whether these materials can be recycled, this is in line with the increasingly awareness of environmental protection. In the field of cosmetic packaging, with the improvement of the technical level, gradually highlighted packaging development and innovation, new technology development and the introduction of personalized replacement and application of new environmental protection material, and other characteristics, safe and convenient packing will be more welcomed by the market.

Multi-layer plastic composite technology. It can combine different kinds of plastics together, make it at one time, choose any imaginable color and design a variety of containers. With multi-layer technology into plastic, plastic packaging on the one hand can be completely cut off from light, air, skin care products to avoid oxidation, on the other hand through the blend of different types of substances, have amazing visual effects and a unique feel in appearance, it can improve the winding hose.

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