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modacrylic and cotton blended yarn red

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Item description: Modacrylic yarn100%
Colour: raw white
Yarn form: cone yarn
Spinning yarn technology: ring spun
Composition and content: 100% Modacrylic
Product superiority: Soft, flame retardant effect is very good, burning the halogen-light, automatic extinguishing, mainly used in textile, curtain, carpet, cushion, ribbon, clothing, and other areas of the flame retardant industry products.
Modacrylic fluffy, curled, soft and other properties similar to wool, wool-like feel and warmth. Fiber's strength and wear resistance are superior to wool. In addition, the Modacrylic fabric is easy to wash, easy to dry, simple to care, and has light resistance, weather resistance, mold resistance and excellent chemical stability. As a substitute for wool, it was quickly used extensively for decoration, home textiles and clothing, especially for knitted goods. The flame-retarded acrylic yarn produced is mainly used for furniture covers, curtains, curtains, tapestries and other fields. There are 21s 32s 40s single yarns and plywood. The flame retardant effect is up to level 3, quality assurance, free samples can be provided. Customized spinning according to customer requirements, welcome all businessmen to negotiate.modacrylic and cotton blended yarn red
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