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The paddy separator machine is designed for the efficient separation

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The paddy separator machine is designed for the efficient separation of large coarse material and small fine materials such as grit during the cereal cleaning process. It is also compatible with an Aspirator unit or with a Hopper at the stock outlet. Grain proceeds through the sieves and out into either an aspirator or hopper. Large, extraneous material is removed on each side of the machine while finer materials are directed to an outlet underneath.

Constructions of paddy separator machine some of the main parts of the machine are:

1) Shutter, as the main valve controls the expenditure of grain in hopper.

2) Feeding roll, a roll leveler serves to regulate the importation and spread the rice on the rubber roll.

3) Rubber roll, serves as a breaker of rice

4) Roll gap adjuster, serves as spacer rubber rollers.

5) Distribution, serves to divide the flow of brown rice out of a rubber roll.

6) Wind adjuster controls the air entering the blower.

7) Blower, suction air function is the air flow from inlet to brown rice husk and then brought out through husk outlet.

8) Husk outlet, serves as the drain husk

The efficiency of separator had an advantage to indicate the overall characteristics of the separator performance with a clear optimum inclination condition of the separator table. The optimum feed rate and maximum efficiency of the separator did not occur at the identical inclination of the separator table. Thus, for its practical operation it is necessary to compromise between the qualitative and quantitative performances of the separator.

For small capacity, hand work is ok, can make labor use well, while if for large capacity, hand work may can not satisfy with the machine work, and too much labor work together may a little waste of time, and also can not promise work efficiency, so a destoner machine is necessary, designed special for the destoner work, mechanical work can promise work efficiency and also can clean the stone out better than hand work, a good pre work partner for the destoner machine.

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