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Must try dishes of Singapore

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Singapore and food is a combination you just cannot go wrong with. Its delectable cuisine is a heady mix of flavours and spices that one just can’t get enough of, no matter how long the stay in this place.


While the traditional and popular Laksa and noodles will be on your menu, here are some unusual dishes that you just have to try! Locating them won’t be a trouble as these places are well connected by buses and you can simply have a look at redbus.sg for its tickets and embark on this gastronomic journey.


Ice-cream bread: Ice-cream—strawberry, peppermint choco-chip, blueberry, mango and more—wrapped in rainbow-coloured bread slices, this is what one means when they say, ‘savour life’s simple joys’. You can chance upon these ice-cream bread trucks during your evening stroll on Orchard Road or on Read Bridge at Clarke Quay.


Cereal prawns: Healthy indulgence if you ever needed one! Coated in a batter of oats and topped with fried curry leaves, these butter-fried prawns are deliciously crisp to eat. This is one dish that you simply can’t miss when in Singapore. The crispy texture of the cereal topping is simply awesome. We enjoyed the Cereal prawns and wish to have it one more time on our second trip to Singapore. Some of the best ones can be sampled at the Red House Seafood at The Quayside or the White Restaurant (Sembawang Garden Arcade) or Fat Bird.


Chilli crab ice-cream: Take Singapore’s most famous dish and combine it with the world’s most loved dessert and voila! Chilli crab ice-cream is what you have! This hot-cold dessert is meant to represent a beach on a plate, the deep-fried crab served with a chilli sauce-flavoured ice-cream on a bed of mantou ‘sand’, crab mousse and sturgeon caviar. This out-of-the-world dessert can be devoured at Restaurant Labyrinth, Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay.


Laksa: Laksa is one of the ultimate demonstrations of the combination of Chinese and Malay flavors and ingredients all in a single bowl. Noodles, often rice noodles, make up the foundation and starch of a bowl of laksa, followed by a gravy or curry, some pieces of protein, and often some vegetables and herbs. You will also come across Laksa that has rich coconut milk as their base. Some have water as their base. Laksa is very famous all across Malay peninsula. In Singapore you will come across many Laksa restaurants.


Bak Kut Teh: Literally translated to pork bone tea, bak kut teh is a dish that’s popular throughout Malaysia and Singapore with Chinese origins. Although one would think the pork is cooked in tea, tea is not actually included in the recipe. Ingredients may include variety of mushrooms, pieces of dried tofu or sometimes even fried tofu puffs. Chinese herbs are also added and this makes the soup a little sweet. Dark soy added makes it even more tastier and further more when it is garnished with coriander leaves, it is just yummy. Mouthwatering!!

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