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Price proofing 'war, making sales

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Price proofing 'war, making sales

to contemporary needs and timely changes. Traditional solid wood furniture, technology and texture in many consumers appear to be as usual, or even conservative, then to veneer furniture represented by the rapid occupation of new markets. Now the veneer has long been divided according to the material is divided into ordinary veneer, tree tumor, tree shadow, tree and fork; from the production methods can be divided into planing veneer, sawing veneer, peeling veneer; according to the production form is divided into natural veneer, dyed veneer , Technology veneer, edge banding, bamboo skin. Product refinement, the variety of sound promote the

use of veneer in various fields and optimization. It should be noted that many enterprises only do simple processing, earn a little processing fee, low level of technology, low quality, low added value, there is no brand concept, for which more and more enterprises have to move into cruel ' Price proofing 'war, making sales and prices have shown a decline. How to learn advanced foreign technology such as cutting veneer veneer processing has become a top priority. Under the dual pressure of China's own development requirements of the veneer industry and the current external market conditions, a large number of enterprises that fail to pass the

market's technical requirements, management and service will exit under the mandatory market requirements and the market environment has been purified, powerful and dreamy. Fair chance of competition. It is believed that after experiencing large-scale reshuffling, the veneer industry in China will surely start its normal operation. The core competitiveness of the veneer industry will gradually become prominent, and an environment of honesty, transparency, fairness and fairness in the market will gradually emerge. The end of 2006, the flooring industry in this year can be described as 'scenery' unlimited. However, behind the lively, more business

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